domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Ya estoy aquí otra vez!/I'm back, again!

Después de un pequeño parón de unos meses debido a vacaciones y falta de tiempo he vuelto con más fotos!

Espero que os gusten.

Son del Puerto de Ribeira, de donde soy.


After a small few months stop cause the lack of time and vacations I`m back again with more photos!

I hope you like them.

They were taken from Ribeira's Port, where I'm from.

domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

20/11/2011 Rascacielos de Madrid y algo más...

Aquí tenéis unas fotos de dos de las cuatro torres de Madrid, una foto de mi perra que tiene 5 añitos y unos hermosos arándanos que me he encontrado. La última es una ciudad de piedra como podéis ver.

Here you have two of the Four Skyscrapers of Madrid. My 5 year old Boxer, a blueberry bush I found, and the last one is the Stone City.

I hope you like them.

Espero que os gusten.


Fotos del Verano de 2011

Aquí os dejo unas fotos de este verano pasado que seguro que ahora que estamos en Otoño le hace echar de menos la época estival a más de uno. Salu2

Here are some photos from this summer, I'm sure that now that we are in Fall/Autum someone will miss it. 

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

Some more photos.

Here are some photos from two years ago taken the same day as the other photo I uploaded earlier today.
Aquí teneis unas fotos que fueron sacadas el mismo día que la foto que he subido anteriormente.

I hope you like them.
Espero que os guste.

Video with pictures.

Here is a video with some pictures I took some time ago. I hope you like it.

Hope you like it by!

Hello everybody!

This is the very first time I do something like this so take it easy on me I am not a professional, just an amateur in life;). This blog will be mainly dedicated to photography and I will be uploading pictures now and then as long as I can. It won't be something daily, but I will try my best to keep it updated.

As you can see the initial language I'm writing in is English, but my updates will be in both English and Spanish.

Let's try out the first photograph I will upload, it's one of my favorites taken over two years ago in Portugal.

Well It was taken with a Canon Powershot A480, yes a cheap point and shoot. Not bad huh?

Well that's it for now, later on I'll upload some more.

I Hope you like it!